→ Title of Film:

     Original: CHYŤTE HO!

     English: CATCH HIM!

→ Language: no dialogues

→ Country of Production: SK

→ Production Company: VŠMU (SK), Protos Production (SK), STUDIO 727 (SK)

→ Running Time: 00:15:00

→ Date Completed: 2008

→ Genre: short animated film

→ Technique: digital 2D & stop-motion animation


The film shows what can happen duringan ordinary school trip to a museum. The hero – a small boy experiences crazy adventures due to his mischievousideas but it doesn’t change him anyway.


→ BEST ANIMATION, 10th HYPERION STUD FEST Bucharest, Romania 2011

→ NOMINATION for the Slovak National Film Award SLNKO V SIETI for The Best Animation, 2010

→ BEST ANIMATION, TOTI Maribor, Slovenia 2010

→ IGRIC, National Creative Awards IGRIC 2008

→ BEST ANIMATION, Kinera Film Festival, Italy 2008

→ EBENSEER BAR IN GOLD, 37th Festival der Nationen Ebensee, Austria 2008

→ LITERARY FUND AWARD, Biennial of Animation Bratislava, Slovakia 2008


→ Director: Boris Šima

→ Idea & Script: Boris Šima

→ Visual & Animation: Boris Šima

→ Producer: Marián Varga

→ Cinematography by: Leevi Lehtinen

→ Edited by: Ondrej Azor

→ Music by: Stano Palúch

→ Sound Design by: Petr Kapeller


→ Producer: Marián Varga

→ Director: Boris Šima