Idea and script: Joanna Kozuch

Director: Joanna Kozuch

Visuals & Animation: Joanna Kozuch

Producer: VŠMU Bratislava

Starring: Michal Struss, Marek Šulík, Jozef Elšík

DOP:  Peter Kelíšek, Peter Bencsík

Sound: Štefan Ivanov, Juraj Filo 

Editor: Róbert Karovič

Music: Peter Tarkay

year: 2014

no dialogues


The war is always made from the table, even a simple card fight can turn into a big war in the minds of fuzzy players. The Game is a cartoon of a model of government. Film combines action of actors with pastel-drawn animation.


2003 - special mention for the best diploma work on Academy od Fine Arts in Poznan.