Idea: Joanna Kozuch

Script: Máša Orogváni, Joanna Kozuch

Director: Joanna Kozuch 

Art Designes and Animation: Joanna Kozuch 

Producers: Ivana Laučíková, Ladislav Dedík

Music: Martin Hasák, Stanislav Palúch

Sound: Dušan Kozák

Editing: Ondrej Azor 

Production companies: feel me film, s.r.o., STUDIO 727, s.r.o.

lenght 13 min., premiere 2014


The young violinist is about to play his big solo with the Philharmonic of Fongopolis city. The path to success, however, is unexpectedly stopped on a train station. In the chaos of signs, advertisements, lights and crowds in a rush, he can not find the way to the right platform. To catch his train he must stop.


Anca Slovak Award 2014 (Fest Anča); Women's Film Festival A Corto di Donne 2015; The Bordelands Award na Stop Trik 2014 in Poland; ZOOM International Film Festival 2015, The Bordelands Award na Stop Trik 2014 in Slovenia.

This film was supported by Audiovisual Fund, Ministry of culture of the Slovak Republic and Polish institute

Trailer of Fongopolis

Trailer of Fongopolis