Once there was a sea...

Idea and script: Joanna Kozuch

Director: Joanna Kozuch

Producer: Peter Badač, Joanna Kozuch

Stage: development

Production companies: plackartnyj s.r.o., Bfilm, s.r.o. 

animated documentary

Estimated premiere: 2018

Estimated lenght: 15 minutes


Last human stories from glittering bottom of dying Aral sea


Once, there was Aral Sea, fourth biggest lake in the world. Its tragedy started with the idea of building big cotton plantations in its neighborhood. Expectations of “white gold” gave rise to a system of irrigation canals. Rivers had lost their power, Aral Sea ran dry. Fishermen lost their jobs, factories were closed, research development for biological weapons situated on the island moved, because there is no island any more. Just the desert is getting bigger and bigger. Salty crystals are glittering on the former bottom of the sea.

Development of this film was financially supported by Audiovisual fund